Video transcript: Say 'I Do' to These Money-Saving Wedding Secrets

On screen:

Text: Money is the number one reason why couples fight, so planning a cost-effective, yet awesome, wedding can get tense.

Text: But it doesn't have to. How to spend smart for your dream wedding.

Text: Whether it's the photographer, the music, or the dress, spend the most on a few priorities. And cut out the details your guests won't remember, like a giant cake or a DJ light show.

Text: When it comes to trimming the guest list, get real. Each guest costs an average of $200, so invite who really matters.

Text: Another big cost? The venue. So consider non-traditional locations, like parks, libraries, and art galleries. That can end up feeling more meaningful and unique.

Text: Just make sure to communicate, and be very clear with each other about how much you have to spend.

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