Video transcript: 6 savings tips for new parents from experienced parents

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A man and his pregnant wife sit by a tree in the park.

4 Savings tips for new parents—from exprienced parents.

A pregnant woman cradles her stomach.

It Costs $230,000 To Raise A Baby To Age 17.

A girl wearing headphones smiles towards the camera.

And That's Not Including College.

A couple discuss their plans while sitting on a couch.

The Best Way To Plan?

A young man kisses his mother on the forehead as he leans over her with a hug.

Learn From Those Who've Already Been Through It.

A toddler jumps on the bed.

1. Budget for diapers and baby food, and then round up.

A baby is spoon fed.

Add 25% - 30% To Whatever You Think You'll Spend On Diapers And Baby Food.

A man holds a credit card as he uses his mobile device.

2. Shop online & save

A woman types while sitting in front of a monitor.

Many Sites Offer Subscriptions To Products You Need Regularly. They Also Give Discounts On Products When Subscribing.

A family sits together on a couch while opening presents.

3. Use the toy budgest for oter things.

A Baby Isn't Going To Remember That Expensive Toy You Bought Them.

A girl holds a fan of hundred-dollar bills.

So Save That Money And Open A College Savings Account Instead.

A woman holds a child in her arms while the other woman holds shopping bags.

4. Shop secondhand first.

A man looks at baby clothes while shopping with his wife.

Shop At Thrift Stores, Because Those New Clothes Might Not Fit In A Week Or Two.

Volunteers donate and organize old clothes. Chase and Chase logo.

Many Community Parenting Groups Are Also a Goldmine For Hand-Me-Downs.

A man and woman walk hand-in-hand with their child along the woods.

Make More Of What's Yours.

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