Video transcript: Ask a Mom: How new moms can save

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A quick penny is better than A slow dollar.


My grandfather used to tell me that a quick penny is better than a slow dollar, so I kind of always just utilize that in my outlook.

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Chase and Chase logo. Chase presents New Parent Money Matters. Episode 5: How can you save even when money is tight?

Nadia, mom of Zakhir.


Before my son was born my husband and I actually didn't really put aside money for his college funds. However, when people give us money and say oh spend it here's money for stuffed animals or a gift we actually put it into an account, a 529 account, for college savings.

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Mary, mom of Charlotte.


You know I really got into couponing, something that my mom had done when I was a kid and I'd seen her do, and I thought oh that's just what my mom does. But it's what a mom does.

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Carla, mom of Henry.


There are a couple of little things I used to do for myself that I don't really miss so much, but it's nice because I'm able to take that money that I'm saving and save it for the baby. So for example I used to get my nails done every week. It's a little luxury that I just don't have time for nor do I really care as much about. And so it just easily translates into savings.

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Peggy, mom of Christian.


You have a baby people want to buy your child a gift. And so what I said in lieu of the gifts, you can just make a donation and a contribution to his account. So I have a savings account for him that they're contributing to.

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Luisa, mom of John.


Putting something away, even if it's just a few dollars here or there, helped so much. It's the financial golden rule, just start now. We do it on a monthly basis but really whatever works best for your family, just do it.

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