Video transcript: Ask a Mom: Money moves for every new family

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Having a baby?

Congratulations! A marker draws.

Chase and Chase logo. 5 Money Moves for Every New Family. An emblem of a couple and their newborn.

#1 Make a Budget. Check your credit and pay down debt to start your new family financially fit. A pie chart breaks down costs.

#2 Buy Big. Buy everything from diapers to food in bulk at warehouse clubs to save money and time. A bar graph shows estimated monthly cost.

#3 Do More, Spend Less. Check places like libraries and community centers for free or low cost baby activities. A zoo and a park.

#4 Set-Up Automatic Bill Pay. Eliminate the possibility of missing a payment, whether you're delivering the baby or just sleep-deprived and forgetful.

#5 Start a 529 College Savings Account. Get started with as little as $25 and watch it grow. Ask friends and family to contribute in lieu of toys and other gifts. Get more new parent tips and tools from Chase at Chase and Chase logo.