Video transcript: Ask a Mom: How to prepare for your growing family


Make a budget and then add a 20% buffer to that.

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Make a Budget Then Add 20%.

Carla, mom of Henry.


So a great piece of advice that I got that I would definitely pass on to new moms is to keep receipts.

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It's funny because during my shower, as I was opening gifts, you could tell which presents were from moms versus not moms solely by the presence of a receipt.

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Nadia, mom of Zakhir.


My name is Nadia, and my son's name is Zakhir. He's my bundle of awesomeness. My one piece of financial advice would be to rely on other moms and really use the networks you have and friendships you have to get the things that you might not need to buy new.

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Gwen, mom of John Brindley.


We bought in bulk. We store it away under the bed, wherever we can, and we do order online. So it's a big savings.

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Jennifer, mom of Jacob.


Bottle sanitizers, the diaper pails, and the white noise makers-- really, really don't need that. My parents didn't need it. My grandparents didn't need it, and I like to think that we turned out okay.

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