Video transcript: Should you buy a new or used car?

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There's a lot to consider when deciding whether to buy a new or used car.

Text: A new car can be modified to your taste.

Different car keys are shown.
Text: And new cars come with the latest tech and safety features.

Car tires roll across the screen in a triangle. A key fob drives past air fresheners shaped like trees.
Text: Used cars might have a history of accidents or other issues.

Text: However, a new car can be much more expensive.

Text: A four-year-old car costs about 50% less than the same car new. New car, $29,873. Same car used, $14,593.

Text: The moment a new car leaves the dealership, it loses 11 to 20 percent of its value.

Text: No matter what car you choose, services like Chase Auto Direct can make the process easier.

Tires roll by.
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