Video transcript: Vegas Uncork'd serves up a four-day weekend of culinary delight

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Chef uncorks champagne.


Chase presents hashtag Sapphire on Location. 2016 Vegas Uncork'd, Bon Appétit.

Lisa Walker, Chase Sapphire General Manager.


Vegas Uncork'd is a huge food festival that happens over four days in Las Vegas every year, hosted by Bon Appétit and sponsored by Chase Sapphire Preferred.

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2016 was the 10th anniversary of Vegas Uncork'd by Bon Appétit, and it was bigger and better than ever!

Georges Daou, Proprietor, Daou Vineyards.


People came from all over the world to be able to enjoy this event.


Well, we're very excited to be serving you today.

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Susan Feniger, Restaurateur & Author.

Mary Sue Milliken, Restaurateur & Author.


We want the guests to leave feeling like they've had a great meal, they've had a great experience, and had a ton of fun.

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Chase Sapphire cardmembers were able to purchase special ticket packages for signature events and exclusive access throughout the weekend.


You have celebrity chefs, you have amazing food. It's the great atmosphere. It's an amazing time.

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David & Debbie Wheatley, Chase Sapphire Cardmembers.


And right here is the Chase Sapphire Lounge.

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Wolfgang Puck, Celebrity Chef and Restaurateur.


And I'm going to be cooking for them.


Started out very small. And now 10 years later, it's really turned out to be a magnificent food and wine event.

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Emeril Lagasse, Celebrity Chef, Restaurateur & Author.

Wilbur Boon Jr., Chase Sapphire Cardmember.


It is my first time in Vegas Uncork'd, but I will be back. It won't be my last time.

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Vegas Uncork'd by Bon Appétit, 10th anniversary. Presented by Chase Sapphire Preferred.