Video transcript: Here's what to do with that wedding cash

On screen:

Now This.

Cash is the new registry.

Bundles of cash are seen in the background.

Nowadays, Marrying Couples Are Asking For Money Instead Of Wedding Gifts.

Several yachts float across the ocean.

And As Tempting As It Is To Spend It All In One Place...

A bundle of cash falls on top of another bundle.

Experts Recommend Splitting Up The Money.

Hundred dollar bills rain down over a gift-wrapped house and dolls resembling newly weds.

Home down payment.

Put Some Of The Cash Toward A Down Payment On A House.

Life events fund.

An ambulance rides down the road with its lights and sirens going off.

Emergency Funds Aren't The Most Fun Use For A Gift.

But You'll Be Happy You Have It If You Need Liquid Cash.

A man and woman lift and move a couch.

Upgrade your living space.

Get Rid Of Some Of That College Furniture...

A couple sit together on a couch.

And Get Some Grown-Up Pieces To Go With Your Grown-Up Relationship.

People sit near a coin jar labeled "Adventure Fund."

Of Course, You Should Save Some Of The Dough For Fun.

Because That Honeymoon Isn't Going To Pay For Itself.

Make The Most Of Your Money.

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